Collaborate for impact

Development of social entrepreneurship and social investments towards economic and social cohesion
in the Eastern Partnership and Russia

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Who we are

International organizations promoting a more favorable Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region

The aim of the “Collaborate For Impact” project is to promote social entrepreneurship and the ecosystem for further expansion.

The “Collaborate For Impact” project is an EU-funded social entrepreneurship project led by the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), the leading organization in the field of venture philanthropy and social investment in Europe. The project has a regional component covering the Eastern Partnership region and a specific component for Azerbaijan. Activities in Azerbaijan are being implemented by Education HUB.

What we do

Our activities


Ensuring that new social enterprises are building on stronger technical/professional skills and business competences

Raise Awareness

Increasing public recognition and understanding of the impact of social entrepreneurship to attract more social investors

Promote International Collaboration

Increasing regional and national collaboration with policy and decision-makers in the field of social entrepreneurship


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