"Social entrepreneurship for journalists and bloggers" certification ceremony

Certificate presentation ceremony for the participants of the "Social entrepreneurship for journalists and bloggers" training was held on May 20-21.
The training was carried out by Education HUB in cooperation with the State Employment Agency within the framework of the "Collaborate for Impact" program and is financed by the European Union.
At the presentation, the certificates were presented by Mustafa Abbasbeyli, the chairman of the board of the State Employment Agency. After certificates were presented to the participants, a discussion on social entrepreneurship was held with journalists.
During the discussion, Mustafa Abbasbeyli noted: "Social entrepreneurship is a new field. The role of the media is irreplaceable in promoting this field. Social entrepreneurship is essential to attract public interest and ensure economic sustainability."
"There should be individuals or institutions that play the role of a bridge between state institutions and people. This is very important in the correct delivery of information. The activity of the media in this direction is very important." - noted blogger Aziza Ismayilova.
In addition, during the meeting, opinions were expressed about future cooperation and next steps.